My name is Ryan W. Neal, owner of Invest like a 12 year old. I have been an entrepreneur since I was 8 years old. Now as a 13 year old I have done a fair amount of research on how to invest my money, and have a solid strategy laid out and working.


As a young person, I was pretty frustrated that the most important industry to all of us, seems to make investing so complicated! The first words of advice always seems to be..."start investing early", yet I can't even get a tax free savings account at my age! My homework on investing seemed to go in circles, with people being unable to give me a simple answer. No wonder so many people struggle with money. As a result, I am dedicated to describing as simply as possible, the steps that I used to invest.   Purchasing a membership in Invest like a 12 year old sends you a copy of "my homework" and keeps you up to date with any changes I make over the course of the year. It doesn't advise you what to invest in, it just tells you what I am doing, and exactly what I invested in.  I hope you enjoy my site, and best of luck!


The Name

The story behind the name is that I have made it easy enough that a 12 year old could understand "My Homework". 

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