Sophie's choice is a small Canadian family owned business that provides the BEST pickled products in the Columbia Valley. Our goal is to use local BC produce. Once pickled, our freshly packed products have a crunch and flavour like no other. We put our heart and soul into each and every jar.


Our first product was pickled asparagus then pickles pickled  carrots, habanero jelly, pickled garlic and a variety of relishes (asparagus, cucumber, carrot, chow chow and zucchini) and the list continues to grow! My husband Dean and boys Micheal and Devin say I have OCD... Obsessive Canning Disorder. They are right! I can't stop!! If I get bored, I'll go and can something.


We are in existence because of my mom's love of canning and her showing me how to can and our strong will to carry on her passion. Sophie's choice is the only for pickled products. Try it, you'll love them too!

"A Guaranteed Taste Experience"